DANVILLE — Casino opponents and supporters are working to get their viewpoints out before voters in the last days before Nov. 3, when Danvillians will decide whether they want Caesars Entertainment to build a gaming resort in Schoolfield.

With an aggressive marketing campaign by Caesars emphasizing 1,300 permanent jobs promised, tens of millions in anticipated revenue for the city and a host of other amenities expected from a casino, at least one opponent feels like the deck is stacked against them.

Erin Tooley, with the casino opposition group Defend Danville, compared their situation to that of David battling Goliath.

The group, which formed about a month ago, has been contacting churches, putting up yard signs, engaging on social media and started a website.

“It’s really going to be hurting our residents, it’s going to be hurting our businesses, because people will be spending money at the casino and not at local businesses,” Tooley said.

The group is holding a CasiNO Rally at 3 p.m. Sunday on the courthouse steps at 401 Patton St. The event will feature speakers, including Les Bernal, the national director of the group Stop Predatory Gambling.

But supporters see vast improvements that could be