D.C. Sports Betting Complications Continue – Lineups

D.C. Sports Betting Complications Continue – Lineups

The District of Columbia is currently home to two sportsbooks, William Hill and GameBetDC. William Hill has a retail location at Capital One Arena, where the Washington Wizards and Capitals play, and GameBetDC is the District’s mobile betting service.

William Hill has continuously outperformed GameBetDC since they both launched, and William Hill nearly tripled its betting revenue over GameBet in August.

Many D.C. residents have noted that the juiced betting lines GameBetDC is offering make it unappealing to use the app. Bettors would rather head to Capital One Arena to bet with Willian Hill in person than to do deal with the mobile betting lines.

But that’s not all.

D.C. has also been having issues with geolocation with people trying to place bets in the District of Columbia. Despite being in an authorized area, GameBetDC says the location bettors are in an unpermitted betting area. D.C. launched sports betting earlier this year and has had hiccups along the way.

Between GameBet’s juiced lines and geolocation issues, D.C. has not been the ideal place to make bets.

However, there could be some hope moving forward. A new sportsbook called Handle 19 is looking to open a retail sportsbook in the D.C. area, bringing competition for William Hill and GameBetDC. Even Handle 19 has seen some hurdles as neighbors are petitioning against the new sportsbook.

D.C. sports betting has felt like a constant one step forward two steps back since legalizing sports betting in December 2018.

William Hill vs. GameBetDC