Max Bichsel: What can the US betting industry learn from the UK? – SBC Americas

Max Bichsel: What can the US betting industry learn from the UK? – SBC Americas

Max Bichsel, VP of US Business at Group, will be speaking on a panel dedicated to US sports betting tomorrow as part of this week’s SBC Digital Summit. In advance of the event, he offered SBC Americas his perspective on ways in which the US business might learn from the UK experience.

Just when it felt as though sports betting was on the cusp of truly taking off in the US, along came a pandemic with the potential to wipe out 5% of the world’s economy and hundreds of thousands of people with it. 

Unless you’re a screenplay writer, you couldn’t make it up. The world was woefully unprepared, let alone the developing online US gambling industry, but that is not a criticism of a newly-regulated sector still waiting to explore its own potential.

The US is a sports-obsessed nation, so it’s only natural that licensed gambling operators would gravitate towards basic offerings on the NFL, NBA and MLB once the Supreme Court, in May 2018, struck down a federal law banning sports betting. 

With popular alternative betting markets adopted from the matured UK industry beginning to spring up – such as first NFL head coach to get fired next season and odds on player trades – the US sports betting landscape appeared to be heading in the right direction before COVID-19 struck. 

A sign of things to come

However, last week’s remote version of the annual NFL Draft provided American bettors with a wide range of markets on which to